Alise Rupeka /Latvia/
Expert Strategic Workforce Planning at Swedbank
Where are you with future-proofing your business and people?

The pace in which organisations need to adapt to meet arising demands is increasing.
We own it to our customers, employees and society to be one step ahead of the curve so that we pave the most sustainable way to stay relevant and deliver value.

At its core, this involves a united effort between HR, strategy, finance and technology teams to translate the impact of our strategic decisions on our workforce and find solutions to bridge potential gaps.

We will share our experiences of this recently started journey:our strategic approach to workforce/talent planning.

It includes assessing the wider impact of change, building future scenarios, identifying change points and building nudges in everyday life – enabling our employees to be the drivers for future readiness.

At a practical level, this will be an illustration of "how to":
- outline future direction, identify critical competences and assess their availability in the market and internally in the organisation;
- evaluate the potential change and impact technology might have on our existing jobs;
- create an infrastructure to respond to the approaching development challenges.