Kestutis Mackelis /Lithuania/
CEO at Stebby
Stop paying for the fax machine! Employee benefits for the 21st century.

Many workplaces still do benefits the old way - HR decides and the company enrolls it to all employees. Whether it is health insurance, on-site gym, swimming pool memberships, complimentary massages or yoga in the office - everyone gets it, but definitely not everyone uses it. Most of the time the benefit just sits in the corner collecting dust, eating the employee benefits budget in the process.

Oh, and the most challenging part? Every employee is different and has very unique needs, so how in the world HR function can stay on top of all the desires, hobbies and trends of the workforce? Well, we say they don't have to - only if they give the freedom of choice to the employee.

Join our presentations and be one of the first to get to know what is the future of employees' benefits programs. Spoiler alert - it's all about flexibility and customization.