Olegs Nikitins /Latvia/
Worklpace strategist at lietus
Post-covid workplace, a sense-making session

14:20 - 14:40

While the last year has caused a quantum leap in evolution of the workplace, it is exactly the next twelve months that will determine the future of each organization, for years to come.

Each business and each leader will have to explicitly decide on a myriad of matters related to workplace strategy. Should we allow to work from home? Should we limit remote days? Should we equip home offices and/or shrink the office space?

To answer these questions above, one has to look at how workplace works. How it impacts people, productivity and the bottomline. This is what this session will look at in detail: the link between workplace and profit; how working from home can contribute to those; and what needs to be considered when writing workplace futures.

Session will be led by Oļegs, Latvia's leading workplace strategist, who has helped some of the country's most valued employers navigate through workplace transformation.